A short vacation

Dear reader,

thank you for coming here today for a new SCROLL fragment. I am honored, that you enjoyed the first two chapters of SCROLL and are anxious to find out how the story continues. Unfortunately, there will be no new SCROLL fragments this week. I'm taking a short break, to recharge my creative batteries.

The week after that SCROLL chapter three will start. We'll celebrate this like last time, with six new fragments throughout that week. The comic will be updated every day except for saturday (Time permitting, I'll have someting special for that day - just stay tuned until next week for more information).

So take the week off, enjoy the summer (or winter, for those on the southern hemisphere) and come back next Monday, for a whole week of SCROLL.


SCROLL - 069


SCROLL - 068


There seems to have been some problems with the upload of the comic on Wednesday, that I only just noticed. Thus there will be two comics today. Enjoy!